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"... OrientalDiagnosis.com is not only an excellent diagnostic tool; it is very likely the most thorough and unbiased program on the market ..." read more
Ryan Lombardo
M.S.O.M., L.Ac., D.A.O.M.c.

Save Time & Money

Automatic intakes from home save you and your patients time in the office.

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What is OrientalDiagnosis.com?

OrientalDiagnosis.com is a Web-Based software package designed for Acupuncturists and other practitioners of Oriental Medicine. OrientalDiagnosis.com lets clinics

Diagnose More Accurately

Our mathematical algorithm will help you get an accurate diagnosis

Create Treatment Plans

Use our Treatment Guide to design Acupuncture and Herbal treatments

Limitless Electronic Records

Get rid of the paper clutter and start using Electronic Records

Secure & Confidential

You can feel safe about your data. We require encrypted transfer in all sections of our site dealing with any private data.

Save Time

No more charting, no more paper. Let OrientalDiagnosis.com generate it all for you automatically as you diagnose and design the treatments.

Make More Money

More Referrals. Whether pleased patients tell their friends about you or new patients find you in the OrientalDiagnosis.com database, your business will grow.

Worldwide Access

Use OrientalDiagnosis.com on any internet-enabled computer, as well as most internet-enabled devices and phones.