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I have been using OrientalDiagnosis.com for the past 9 months since hearing about it in my DAOM program. After months of comparison to our standard diagnostic methods, I am convinced that OrientalDiagnosis.com is not only an excellent diagnostic tool, it is very likely the most thorough and unbiased program on the market. The detailed questionnaire navigates the patient and clinician through symptoms and other lifestyle issues that culminate to provide Oriental Medicine pattern diagnoses rated by highest probability through statistical analysis. I highly recommend OrientalDiagnoses.com for all OM practitioners, students, and teachers looking for a precise and professional measurement tool. The addition of statistical diagnostic technology to this time-tested medicine will transform your practice and lead to better treatment outcomes.
Ryan Lombardo,
M.S.O.M., L.Ac., D.A.O.M.c.
Acupuncturist & Wellness Consultant
Board Certified Anti-Aging Healthcare Practitioner (ABAAHP)